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Keto Breads and Pasta

  • Immediate access to our 97-page 'Keto Breads and Pasta'
  • 50 mouth-watering Keto friendly carb alternatives that taste just as good (and in most cases even better) than the real thing
  • A step-by-step blueprint with everything laid out for you including every detail of how to prepare the most delicious keto carb alternatives you ever tried



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ONE TIME OFFER - Only $19.95: Here’s the deal, learning about the keto diet is extremely hard & confusing, Especially when there are millions of new “Keto Experts” popping up everyday trying to teach the keto lifestyle while charging a pretty penny. Our advice “Save Your Money!” These 2 CookBooks are all you need! They are chalk filled with delicious keto recipes & how to’s with properly getting into the keto lifestyle without spending $1000’s of dollars on gimmick plans.

We have the most delicious recipes for breads, donuts, keto inspired pizza’s, pasta’s & delicious morning treats, Normally these books sell for $29.95 a piece but you can have both books for only $19.95! Thats a saving of $39.95!


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Customer Reviews

"Since taking the Keto Breads and Pasta my stomach flattened, i lost more weight than i had in months, I have more energy than i knew what to do with, focus is better, no longer have to take blood pressure medicine, sleep 8-10 hours straight, no more digestive problems, and dropped 2 sizes. I feel amazing!

It only took two weeks for me to see and feel serious results and to transform my body and mind. The Keto Breads and Pasta has completely changed me inside and out."

- Melanie - 57 years old

"In addition to my weight of 345 pounds (156 kg) I also suffered from type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

I went online to read about treating type 2 diabetes, and unexpectedly stumbled upon a presentation about the Keto Breads and Pasta.

I started September 22, 2018 and less than a year later I was 125 lbs (57 kg) lighter, off all medications and reversed my type 2 diabetes. I feel much better, have more energy and don’t get headaches anymore.

The Keto Breads and Pasta saved my life!"

- Vicky, 54 years old

"When i was originally introduced to Keto i looked at it as a diet and was even concerned that it may be a fad.

Not the case, Keto is a lifestyle choice. I choose to eat and live a healthy nutritious lifestyle. When i decided to live the Keto life i weighed in at 244 pounds (111 kg) in January 2019, and 5 months later after taking the Keto Breads and Pasta I found myself at 193 pounds (88 kg)"

- John - 67 years old

"I never struggled with weight until my thyroid had to be removed. It was difficult for me mentally and emotionally. I would look in the mirror and saw a stranger...

Today I jumped on the scale and I've lost a total of 71 pounds (32 kg) in 6 months after starting the Two Week Keto Challenge. I see myself again, just stronger and healthier! Life is good and Keto is amazing!"

- Theresa - 64 years old