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Turn your kitchen into a battlefield against carbs! Be prepared for creating, experimenting, and eating your fantastic treats and sweets on keto.

Being able to navigate our way around the kitchen to make delicious foods is what our end goal is. From baking to cooking, we need the right ingredients to really push the flavors to the next level and really help us love what we eat. From flour substitutes to sugar substitutes, we’ll cover all of the things you’ll want to have in your kitchen if you plan to make your keto diet a successful one. Cooking keto can be a challenge, but with a cooking arsenal at your fingertips, and a delicious range of recipes to choose from, you shouldn’t be dreading saying “What’s for dinner?” You should be looking forward to the delicious flavors you can create from so little.

If you’re wondering the best place to get your ingredients, we’ve got you covered. Most of our suggested premium quality ingredients are available online at Primal Kitchen. You’ll see some of our other favorite brands linked below.


Butcher Box

Butcher-box takes the guesswork out of finding quality sourced meats.

Their products are 100% grass-fed, free-range, organic chicken, heritage breed pork and wild caught fish delivered to your door at an affordable price.

Think of them as the neighborhood butcher for modern America.

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Kettle & Fire

Droolworthy Flavors To Keep Eating Fresh, Interesting, & Fun

Whether you’re doing full-blown keto or just focused on eating whole foods, fat is the ultimate fuel.

And when you combine pure saturated fats with filling collagen protein?

Watch out: you’ve got satiation, energy, and mouthwatering flavor all-in-one. Which is exactly what they created their special keto soups and bone broths to give you.

Introducing The Secret Weapon Of Stress-Free Keto Dieters – The First Ever Mouthwatering Keto Friendly Soups.

Get Your Keto Soups
Introducing Kettle & Fire’s NEW Keto Bone Broths – Two Creamy Snacks To Sip Away Cravings And Stay On-Track.

Get Your Keto Bone Broth

Miracle Noodle

Miracle Noodle is a delicious, easy way to replace high-carb, high-calorie food with healthier plant-based alternatives.

Swapping their high-fiber, plant-based substitutes for regular pasta and rice will leave you feeling full, without the calories! Start making healthy substitutions in your diet. Their huge range of low-calorie, low-carb rice, pasta, Ready-to-Eat meals, and sweet treats makes it easy.

No matter what diet you’re on, you can still enjoy the food you love, all while gaining health benefits and losing weight.


Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto is focused on improving health by providing products that help you reach your goals, with ingredients you can trust. They never compromise quality and always focus on helping make keto easier for more people.

Every product at Perfect Keto has been made with the intention of being used by the founder, his family, closest friends, and all of you.

Formulated to give you a fat-fueled boost and support your energy demands.

No junk. Ingredient quality is just as important as reducing carbs.

Great taste that satisfies cravings. You won’t miss sugary snacks and drinks.



Guilt-free snacking shouldn’t be hard. So why can’t you find a snack made from real food, that doesn’t taste like cardboard, and is certified by the most respected authorities in the business? Now you can.

Superfat is a low-carb snack, rigorously researched, tested and proven by science to make you feel and perform your best.

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