Type 2 Gone With Keto And Fasting

With a combination of keto, fasting and exercise, Osvaldo has been able to get rid of his type 2 diabetes in only 2.5 months!

It’s very impressive. Here’s exactly how he did it:

The email


Hello Ashley,

I want to thank you for the advice at Go Keto Guide, as it helped me battle my Type 2 in only two and a half months.

On the 1st of June 2017, I went to a scheduled appointment at my doctor’s office and he stated that my blood sugar had risen to an HbA1c of 73 mmol/mol (8.8%), and he thought that I should start taking insulin. I had, since I was diagnosed in 2012, taken Metformin (850 mg) three times daily and Glimeperid 4 mg in the morning.

I told him that I didn’t want to take insulin and so he prescribed Januvia instead, with the intention of strengthening the blood-sugar lowering power of the medication, but he said that we needed to book another appointment within three months to see whether the blood sugar (as measured by HbA1c) had been lowered to approximately 52 mmol/mol (6.9%) which is what they recommend for people with the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and if that didn’t happen he would have to prescribe insulin.

When I went home I felt both disappointed and angry as I hadn’t worked out during the last couple of months and it hadn’t affected the result in any significant way, but at the same time I refused to accept that Type 2 is a chronic and incurable disease which worsens no matter what. My older brother died from the disease in the beginning of May and my father in law passed away from it three years ago.

I refused to see a dark future in front of me.

I started to search for alternative treatments and found a YouTube clip about the health benefits for people with Type 2 and I started to collect information by looking on other pages about metabolic diseases and the role of insulin in the development of these. I also became more interested in diet and stumbled upon the Two Week Keto Challenge.

One week after I visited my doctor, I decided to change my lifestyle by lowering the amount of carbs in my diet and start taking Keto Ultra, do intermittent fasting and buy a gym card to start lifting weights. My plan was to combine Keto Ultra, fasting and exercise for 8 weeks and consequently erase my Type 2 by lowering the level of insulin in my body.

I made the following program:

The first week I started cutting out carbs and eating low carb and working out and quit Glimeperid and lowering the Metformin.

During the second week I stopped eating breakfast and worked out six days a week at the gym. I took the Metformin in conjunction with meals.

During the third week I also removed lunch so I only ate dinner (a hearty amount of keto low carb) and worked out six days weekly at the gym. I only took Metformin at dinner.

During the fourth week I fasted for seven days with water only and worked out every day. I felt more energetic and was able to work out properly and additionally I ran 7.5 km (4.7 miles) on the 5th day.

Removed all medications!!!

Amazingly, all the aches in my hip and calves disappeared and later on I received the news that the inflammation in my body had been lowered as a consequence of low carb and fasting.

During the fifth and sixth week I started eating normally but during the first two days after fasting I had broth and some meat, then I started eating BioTrust Gras-Fed Low Carb Protein and went on holiday to Italy, where I ate pasta and pizza and ice cream a couple of times so I took the Metformin before these meals.

After the eighth week, I did regular Keto Ultra and done intermittent fasting a couple of days per week and worked out five times a week and took no medications. It is my new lifestyle!!

On the 16th of August 2017, two and a half months after the last visit, I went to the scheduled meeting at my doctor’s office (unfortunately my doctor wasn’t there but one of his colleagues was instead) and she looked at the result of the tests, especially HbA1c and said to me. Great, it seems as though it works. Your numbers are great. Then I told her that I had stopped taking the medications one week after my last visit and that I had been following recommendations from other doctors and specialists on metabolic diseases. She became interested and we talked for half an hour about this. The result in HbA1c turned out to be 40 mmol/mol.

In two and a half month following the Two Week Keto Challenge I was able to stop all medications and:

  • Lowered my HbA1c from 73 mmol/mol to 40 mmol/mol.
  • Lowered my weight from 74 kg (163 lbs) to 65 kg (143 lbs) plus added muscle.
  • Lowered my waist circumference from 97 cm (38 inches) to 86 cm (34 inches).

Kind regards,