Snack Recipes

Carbs on keto just got a whole lot more exciting, and it’s all thanks to this easy Delicious Garlic Baguettes. Crunchy, buttery, and smeared with the perfect amount of garlic flavor, what else would we serve next to your favorite dishes or eat simply as a standalone snack? Be sure to watch the video on […]

These cheese taste fabulous — but they are ridiculously simple to make. They’ve been one of my favorite low carb snacks lately. You need just two ingredients, which you probably already have. And, it takes just a few minutes. Preparing: 5 Minutes / Cooking: 10 Minutes Ingredients (4 servings) 8 oz. cheddar cheese or provolone cheese or […]

This creamy avocado tuna boats recipe is an easy healthy lunch or snack that’s ready in 5 minutes with just a few ingredients. And it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, and keto friendly. This quick meal is packed with protein and so delicious! And it’s really simple to put together. Best of all, it requires NO cooking, […]

WHAT IS A KETO FAT BOMB? Eating something called a fat bomb goes against everything our mothers taught us. For me, I picture small balls of peanut butter and chocolate that my mother used to make at Christmas time. They were amazingly delicious, but FULL of sugar, and caused a stomach ache after the second […]

Peanut butter and cream cheese come together to create this unique, chewy cookie. Crunchy on the outside but chewy on the inside, these mimic the traditional peanut butter cookie in many ways. The dough will be very sticky, so wet your hands before forming the cookies. Preparing: 10 Minutes / Cooking: 13 Minutes  Ingredients  1 cup sugar-free peanut […]

Cravings: We all get intense cravings for unhealthy foods, and so often, we succumb to them. Whether it be for chocolate, donuts, salty snacks or refined carbs, our bodies appear to want them. There’s just one problem: Eating these foods doesn’t seem to end the cravings. If you find yourself craving something not allowed, try some of these suggested […]