Dinner Recipes

The aroma of these crispy  cutlets makes my whole family come to the dinner table. These easy-to-make cutlets are awesome and even my children like them. Add a splash of lemon for a little freshness and everyone will be asking for seconds! Preparing: 10 Minutes / Cooking: 60 Minutes Ingredients (6 servings) 6 pork cutlets 1/2 cup italian […]

Fried chicken may have been perfected in the South, but it is loved everywhere! If you love a crispy coating on your fried chicken then this southern-style recipe is a must-try. Can be made stove-top or in a deep-fryer. Preparing: 10 Minutes / Cooking: 20 Minutes Ingredients (6 servings) 5lbs chicken leg quarters 1 tsp salt 1 tsp […]

Looking for simple and tasty Keto dinner recipe? Have it your way—keto and delicious! Throw together homemade keto buns and enjoy a classic hamburger, complete with all the fixings! Don’t forget the bacon… Classic Keto Hamburger! Our Big Keto Burger will kill those fast food cravings in no time. Preparing: 20 Minutes / Cooking: 60 Minutes Ingredients (4 servings) For […]

Be still my heart. Those aren’t french fries. They’re eggplant fries! As in, eggplant in french-fry form. Not only they’re healthier for you but they are also super delicious! Now, I have to admit that you can’t have only these for dinner but you can have them as a side dish with your dinner. Preparing: 10 […]

These delicious, healthy and easy homemade fish fingers can be enjoyed as a main dish or party food idea.  They come with a chimichurri mayo that your whole family will love.   Preparing: 20 Minutes / Cooking: 15 Minutes Ingredients (2 servings) For the fish fingers 250 g (8.8 oz) white fish such as cod, cut into […]

Pesto is the secret to this effortless, yet flavorful baked salmon dinner. It adds so much bright and herby flavor to the entire dish with minimum effort. The recipe can easily be adjusted to accommodate more or less servings. Rule of thumb: 1 tablespoon of sauce for each fillet. Preparing: 10 Minutes / Cooking: 20 Minutes Ingredients (4 […]

Need a quick and easy keto lunch or dinner? Then this is a great recipe for you! It’s super easy and fast to prepare and it doesn’t require any extraordinary cooking skills! This easy zucchini beef meal is ready in 30 minutes and is the perfect way to use up that garden zucchini! Ingredients (for […]